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Bigger Backpack [Customizable!]

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Installation instructions

1. Place .mod file in mods/TheForest.
2. Create BiggerBackpack.ini in TheForest_Data directory with item limits defined or launch game with mod enabled to create a default .ini file.

** warning: it is not known how will the game react to super high item values, mod has a minimum 1 and maximum 100 item limit restriction, I am not responsible for your gameplay breaking, please also note that items carried outside of the inventory (like wood logs) will not be affected **

** before submitting any issues make sure you look at the console - the mod will output what it is doing and if an error occurred during processing **

** note: you will not see more items in the inventory "visually" than the game has coded in (like 8 max molotovs), but their max quantity will be factually increased **

Q: My item count is not working
A: Please make sure the item name is spelled right and the number is within allowed range. See console for errors.

Q: I don't know how to make ini files...
A: No problem. Start the game with this mod enabled and it will create one for you if one does not exist.
A2: If you really want to make one manually, when saving a text file in Notepad, in Save as Type choose ALL FILES and make sure the file name is BiggerBackpack.ini
File BiggerBackpack-1.0.1-9e94a1bccb64a8e417639b004b75f63e.mod
Compatible 0.42c
Version 1.0.1

label Cheats
  • Version 1.0.1 (0.42c) 13. Oct 2017
    3.65 kB


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