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this is TEAM AXT bringing you the ModAPI HUB so you're never going to be without ModAPI downloads.

And we bring you even more:
  • Dynamic downloading packages
  • Mod subscriptions based on your Steam login
  • Mod updates for newer mod versions based on your Steam login
  • Smart mod uploads based on your Steam login
  • Apply your own ModAPI HUB community nickname for your Steam login
  • Direct Link to ModAPI Forums with online check ifupdown

Features probably coming up soon:
  • Updated FAQ
  • Discord Contact
  • ... who knows

In compliance with license agreements:

The Hub Circle Family:
The Forest Forum
Games 4 the Stranded Forum


Downloading ModAPI...

1 Your download is ready!

Extract the .zip file to
C:/Program Files (x86)/
Or choose another location. Do not extract it inside the Steam game folder.

2 Start ModAPI.exe

3 Enable mods

4 Start the game

You can launch your game regularly through Steam without ModAPI after the first launch.