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Please use the TROUBLE SHOOTER and follow the steps if you have trouble using ModAPI.
If you are done and still have an issue continue reading or let us know on our Discord server.

A mod I created is already uploaded here by someone else/staff. How to claim it as yours?
Contact us on Discord and let us know you are the creator/owner of the mod by editing the mod description on ModAPI Forums with a link to your steam profile. We'll apply the necessary changes to the related mods as soon as possible then.

The download is not starting!
Case 1: When clicking "Download" the popup doesn't open.
  • Try pressing Ctrl+F5 (hard refresh page) and try it again.
  • Disable any plugins that may cause this (AdBlock, NoScript, ...)
  • Try another browser
Case 2: The popup opens, but ModAPI is not downloading.
  • Make sure to wait ~5 seconds for the download to initiate
  • Make sure the browser is not blocking the download (may flag it as malware or the like)
  • Disable any plugins that may cause this (AdBlock, NoScript, ...)
  • Try another browser

ModAPI says it can't verify my game version
Was there a new game update in the last 24 hours? If so please bear with us a bit as we balance our private lives as good as possible to update ModAPI as soon as possible while never missing to ensure reliable ModAPI functionality. In case the last update is longer ago than 48 hours and your ModAPI still reports a different game version, get in contact with us through Discord. First make sure auto-update is set to true in your ModAPI configuration (configs/UserConfiguration.xml). Please do not contact us for applying functionality for pirated versions, thank you!

There was a game update, ModAPI works now but mod <x> does not work anymore
First please look if there is a new mod version available for your mod (subscribe maybe). If there is no new version please visit channel #mods-help on our Discord server and share detailed error information with us in order to look into that. Mostly we are already aware of it so please also see the channels chat history on our Discord server.

My game is slow and stutters a lot since I'm using ModAPI
The "spawn" mod in its current form is responsible for some performance issues. Deactivate the mod and the game is going to run as well as it did before. If this solution still doesn't work for you, browse to the "mods/TheForest" folder within the ModAPI folder and remove the spawn mod completly. You're definately good now.

My ModAPI/Mod download does not work correctly
Some users report that downloading the ModAPI or a mod with firefox causes problems. Try a different browser for download and you're good to go.

My ModAPI crashes and is not responding.
There are many possibilities for this error. The most common one is that you're missing the .NET 4.6 Framework. You can download it from the microsoft website here: If this isn't the case please consider joining #modapi-help on our Discord server.

Why does x/y not work in multiplayer?
ModAPI provides cheat functionality for singleplayer only and has been developed for that without exception. However over time technical insight and interest for multiplayer mods increased as much as our modders knowledge and skill.

Still - We do not promote multiplayer usage and using it in such is at your very own risk while we do not take liability for your actions. Based on our regular terms support will be provided for multiplayer mods on our discord channels if you do not find help here.

Where can I download additional mods?
You can find the mod section in the navigation bar to your left (needs to be expanded maybe)

How do I install mods?
Put the downloaded .mod file into directory "mods/TheForest" in ModAPI path. Do not let yourself get confused by Windows telling you it's a movie (or somewhat) file.

Where do I find ModAPI log files?
Inside the folder "logs" in ModAPI path.

Where do i set The Forest game path?
By default in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common and if you have no idea where it is while it is not in default location go to your steam game library, right click game, select properties, go to tab for local files, click button to open game location on hard disk.

I downloaded ModAPI and it starts flawlessly - but it is empty/blank. What now?
If your ModAPI started up well and does not look broken we suggest to look at the list of mods which is entitled "Available mods" in the "Mods" tab (which is active at startup by default), then all you need to do is add mods to the mod directory. Or use the checkboxes for mods of your choice at ModAPI download.

When I try to login in the ModAPI application the loading icon rotates endlessly
We are aware of that, fixing it although has not been given a priority since a missing login session has no (negative) impact on application functionality.

Files are missing after extracting ZIP download and messages show errors with files missing
Simple: Configure your operating system appropriately, deactivate/adjust security software. Not a ModAPI issue at all! Please don't bug us with those or similar topics.

Can I get banned on Steam for using ModAPI?
The current state is this: The Forest developers have made VAC available for the game but not put it into effect. This means as long as VAC for The Forest is not activated you won't get punished by Steams VAC systems. Once it is applied by The Forest developers we highly urge not to refrain from ModAPI use on online servers. However we do not recommend using ModAPI with its mods in other peoples multiplayer session you are not the administrator of as there is still the possibility of individual bans despite of VAC utlilzation. Thank you for respecting that & thinking FAIR for other players.

I can't move in The Forest or open the menus
If you use Ultimate Cheatmenu, continue reading. Go to your Forest install folder (..\SteamApps\common\The Forest\Mods\) and delete all UCM localization files (UCM.l18n.xx.json). Then restart your game.

You certainly do have some known bugs, right...?
Probably, find a list in ModAPI forums and/or talk about it.

I have a problem which is not listed in the FAQ
Contact us on Discord and be prepared with detailed/conclusive information. If applicable with a log file and/or screenshots at hand covering the time frame of error :)

Y this no worx?
Sadly, very sadly we all rely on treating each other the way we prefer ourselves to be treated by others. Please keep that in mind and share with us what bothers you about ModAPI - We'll certainly get along well that way :)

Needfull things you might want to know about ModAPI
  • After download unpack ZIP-package contents to a path your user account has full access to. It does not need to be your Steam or game folder
  • Running ModAPI as administrator might help if you encounter startup/configuration issues along the way
  • Get an error upon opening ModAPI or a stuck splash window? Always make sure ModAPI is not running in the background anymore before trying anything else
  • Still startup issues or files after extraction disappear? Disable your AV as well as tools such as Rivatuner.
  • Pressing "Start Game" in ModAPI results in "Error occurred while applying mods"? Tick off all mods and try to start the game with one mod activated after another to find out which mod the one causing trouble is. This is mostly an indicator for mod that is not meant to work with the game version you're running.
  • "Uninstall ModAPI"? Simply delete the ModAPI folder where you put it and that's it, no installation or uninstallation
  • Run the game as it is without any parts from ModAPI or its mods left in it? Go to your steam game library to verify your game files in order to reset the game to the so called "vanilla" state

Github links:


Downloading ModAPI...

1 Your download is ready!

Extract the .zip file to
C:/Program Files (x86)/
Or choose another location. Do not extract it inside the Steam game folder.

2 Start ModAPI.exe

3 Enable mods

4 Start the game

You can launch your game regularly through Steam without ModAPI after the first launch.