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ModAPI 1.0.5 - Be prepared for The Forest 1.0! 28. Apr 2018

This update should work with The Forest versions up to the final 1.0 release.
Since The Forest got a major update some mods may not work. Please contact us on our Discord server if anything doesn't work.

Thank you!

Welcome ModAPI 1.0.4! 16. Jan 2018

We decided to pursue and continue project ModAPI in order to advance the application to its next stage as community demand has risen. We welcome native modding support which will hopefully be added soon™ by Endnight Games.

With ModAPI 1.0.4 we are happy to introduce to you:
  • Numkeys and special characters/symbol keys can now be used for assignments in mod settings as well (thanks to reachfan and Blight for reporting/help narrowing down the issue)
  • Console mod functionality has been fixed. Use "^" or "` Backtick" key to toggle
  • Class ModAPI.Gui is now obsolete, modders please use ModAPI.Interface instead to render your mod gui
  • Internal code changes

ModAPI released! 19. Aug 2017

ModAPI has been released!

With the new ModAPI version we have...
  • Fixed a couple of unncessary code lines
  • Optimized existing code lines
  • Added multi-domain support
  • And plenty of miscellaneous optimization

With that being said ModAPI takes in effect with version that it will never again tell you it refuses start or work because ModAPI forums are unavailable. As long as the HUB is available ModAPI is going to provide you with the services intended.

Existing ModAPI folder?
Verify your game files with Steam first before running the new ModAPI.
Then either replace all files if you don't care about going through configuration again <or> replace all folders and files except for UserConfiguration.xml in the configs folder and you're good to go. UserConfiguration.xml holds information from the configuration you initially went through and all the mod keyboard assignments you set.

Please be highly advised that for the Ultimate Cheat Menu to work you'll need at least version 1.19.0 of UCM or else you'll be prompted with an error upon applying mods.Furthermore report any mods on the HUB that are not working with the new version and let us know on our discord server.

Everybody enjoy as we take ModAPI into the next level!
Your team AXT


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