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Champions of The Forest WORK IN PROGRESS

Totally Not Hazard
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Hi, new update comming late. Monday/Tuesday. I'm really busy this whole week.
Keep dm-ing me those bug
So far i only got those:
  1. Re-equipping items with carrying cap increase is broken
  2. Kills not being counted for massacre/not giving exp
  3. Some people go invincible and cant deal damage at the same time
  4. Health shows decimals
  5. Host gets less experience

Mod requires BUILDER CORE & BUILDER MENU to work

Don't use this mod with PUP or UCM

How to install:
1.Download this mod and the two listed above.
2.Enable all 3 mods in modapi.
3.Run the game through modapi.
4.Wait for all the extra files to download. Those files contain textures and models.

What are this mod's features?
  • There are custom weapons, first and thus far only mod that adds weapons
  • It turns the game into a diablo spinoff
  • Custom, old fashioned inventory
  • Equipement items that drop from enemies
  • Enemies have levels, which make them stronger and faster. Some enemies can have special 'elite' abilities that will make players life harder
  • Enemies have names. You can kill me, modapi staff, the forest youtubers and maybe your ex.
  • Custom stats like max health, intelligence,agility
  • Many of already in-game mechanics reworked
  • Players have spells to make the combat more dynamic
  • Leveling system, with upgrade points
  • Player upgrade points 2
  • Pretty visuals and Interface
  • Buffs for singleplayer and coop
  • 9 more difficulites
  • Proper saving - saves at a shelter
  • Works in multiplayer. Includes custom enemy stats, casted spells, sharing experience and COTF's item drops
  • Option to enable friendly fire - weapons will deal full damage to other players
  • Automatic downloading and verification of extra assets (textures and 3D models).

What doesn't this mod feature (as of now):
  • Support for dedicated servers
  • Variety of spells, currently there are only 3
  • Variety of items, and more importantly high tier items. You can make only few builds using the items that are already added
  • Balance. You might oneshot everything. Everything might oneshot you.
  • Variety of perks
  • 3 enemy affixes are still useless and do absolutely nothing
  • There is no stat/guide view
  • There are no accurate descriptions

Known bugs
  • With SSAO set to Amplify models using displacement maps (for example Greatsword in hand) appear completely dark. It can be fixed by disabling it or swtiching to Unity


Since this is a incomplete mod, you can press f5 to spawn a random item.

Difficulty descriptions (Normal-Master) by Alex Armsy :)
34 awesome items added by Kaspito ;)

To fellow mod creators:
I have made this mod open source, as i would like to see the developement of modding and of ModAPI.
If you would like to make a mod of your own, and consider any of the solutions used in Champions of the Forest as useful, you are free to pick up whatever you want and implement it in your project.

The Sauce: My github

Did i do a good job making this mod?
  • Leave a heart on ModAPI
Did i do a very good job?
  • Consider tipping me on paypal, mods are free to use, but it would be great to earn something from making them. Currently im saving for new RAM sticks
  • HUGE thanks to Florian & Kaspito for generous donations
File ChampionsOfForest-0.6-aed6a46ffdf00ad6683d036cfea71376.mod
Compatible 1.10d
Version 0.6

Name Description Button
Toggle Menu opens and closes the main menu Tab
First Spell F1
Second Spell F2
Third Spell F3
Forth Spell F4
Fifth Spell F5
Sixth Spell F6
Pick up items E
Equip custom weapon Alpha5
videogame_asset The Forest label Worldchanges
  • Version 0.6 (1.10d) 11. Jan 2019
    144.4 kB
  • Version 0.5.2 (1.10d) 06. Jan 2019
    129.22 kB
  • Version 0.5.1 (1.10d) 06. Jan 2019
    129.33 kB
  • Version 0.5 (1.10d) 05. Jan 2019
    129.21 kB
  • Version 0.4.2 (1.10d) 31. Dec 2018
    122.18 kB
  • Version 0.4.1 (1.10d) 31. Dec 2018
    122.74 kB
  • Version 0.4 (1.10d) 30. Dec 2018
    122.57 kB
  • Version (1.10d) 21. Dec 2018
    100.74 kB
  • Version (1.09) 09. Dec 2018
    75.43 kB
  • Version (1.09) 07. Dec 2018
    72.61 kB


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