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Color Torch

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Change's color,spot angle,and range for flashlight torch,and air re-breather torch there are 7 colors that you can change your torch to.
{Blue,Cyan,Green,Magenta,Red,White,Yellow }
Key Bindings For Flash Light
F = Change Color
Shift+UpArrow = Range Increase
Shift+DownArrow = Range Decrease
UpArrow = Spot Angle Increase
DownArrow = Spot Angle Decrease

Key Bindings For Air Re-Breather
F = Change Color Mask Light
V = Change Color Torch Light
Shift+UpArrow = Range Increase
Shift+DownArrow = Range Decrease
NOTE:Changing Range in the re-breather only effects the torch light not the mask light
File colorTorch-
Compatible 1.10d

videogame_asset The Forest label Other
  • Version (1.10d) 23. Dec 2018
    3.54 kB


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