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Better Blueprints

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  • Quickinteract (Lets stop the spamming)
  • Reverse rotate (Default button is [F])
  • Build everywhere (Fuck physics, lets play minecraft)
  • Customize blueprint color (Including transparancy)
  • No anchorpoint limit (Build huge and complex uctures)
  • Infinite zipline (Insert some text here)

To use quickinteract just hold down the key for half a second.

Stuff like the blueprint color and some cheaty things like build everywhere can be changed/toggled in the config file located at:
"The Forest/Mods/BetterBlueprints.settings"

When build anywhere is activated, the blueprints will still be colored red when positioned in previously non allowed positions. To build them anyways just confirm with your mouse.

Colors in the config are in percentage (100 = 100%)

Source Code
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File BetterBlueprints-2.0.0-48050d3cb40c021dc79cc23d761f32be.mod
Compatible 1.07
Version 2.0.0

Name Description Button
Reverse Rotate Key Reverse Rotate Key F
videogame_asset The Forest label Buildings
  • Version 2.0.0 (1.07) 24. May 2018
    17.72 kB


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