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Structure counter

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The mod counts most buildable structures in the game.

Press F8 to open the "GUI" and then press the Load/Refresh button, and press F8 to close the "GUI" again.

This was a suggestion from Phoenix, and it seemed like a simple thing so I took it on as my first modding attempt with a helping hand from Hazard.

Here is a list of the structures that it does not count:
  • small traps(excl. the one for rabbits)
  • frames(bone and stick)
  • single skull lamp
  • wall reinforcements (the walls still count)
  • storage cart
  • custom foundation
  • rock path
  • climbing rope
  • sap collector
  • animals skins(deer and rabbit)

It is also worth noting that walls and defensive walls are counted per separate blueprint, so fx. a long wall that splits into 8 pieces of 5 log walls, will count as 8 structures since they can be built separately and destroyed separately.

Added detailed view, that shows how many buildings of each "group" there have been built, using the grouping names from the crafting book and the wiki.
It now looks like this.

Added specifics for detailed view, that shows how many buildings you have built of each building "groups" there are.
AND!! it now counts custom foundations.
It now looks like this.
File BuildingCounter-
Compatible 1.11b

Name Description Button
Menu opens menu F8
videogame_asset The Forest label Other
  • Version (1.11b) 06. May 2020
    8.25 kB
  • Version (1.11b) 05. May 2020
    6.15 kB
  • Version (1.11b) 04. May 2020
    2.72 kB


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