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Marsarah Mod

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Marsarah Mod provides easy on-screen game information in separate windows for player stats, inventory item amount, player condition and enemy proximity detector, which can be toggled on or off. Has options for no worm spawn, weak enemies (easier than normal mode, and independent of selected difficulty), faster walk run and swim speeds, longer/shorter days or nights, and moonlight and cave light amounts.

Note: The enemy detector works differently between single player and multiplayer modes - detection range cannot be set in multiplayer; it defaults to 65. The single player version has options for changing this and also shows total number of active enemies.
File MarsarahMod-
Compatible 1.11b

Name Description Button
PlayerStats Toggle player stats window F1
PlayerInventory Toggle player inventory window F2
PlayerCondition Toggle player condition window F3
EnemyDetector Toggle enemy detector window F4
DisplaySettings Toggle settings window F5
videogame_asset The Forest label Other
  • Version (1.11b) 09. Oct 2020
    29.44 kB


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