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Improved Debug Console

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This tool can potentially be extremely useful for anyone who tinkers with the game's developer mode and especially the console commands and log display. It improves on some points that were lacking and adds new features as well as a menu to customize it to fit your needs.

Default key to toggle the settings menu is F9. This can be changed in the ModAPI app.

Keep in mind that settings aren't saved between startups for now, it will be added soon.

  • Automatically enables debug mode on startup, no more need to type developermodeon every time
  • Correctly displays multi-line log entries by dynamically changing height, no more issues with overlapping text
  • Scroll through the log using PageUp and PageDown
  • Choose any RGB color for each type of log entries (error, warning, exception, default)
  • Change the text size of the log, especially useful for comfortable reading on higher resolutions
  • Change how many logs can be shown before deleting the first ones
  • Toggle whether the console input should close after a command is used
  • Toggle whether the log and overlay should open on startup (not working yet since settings aren't saved)

Source code available here (Github repository)

File ImprovedDebugConsole-1.1.0-43bdc2b1cccc2858dc5b1a6b74d99fba.mod
Compatible 1.11b
Version 1.1.0

Name Description Button
Open settings Press this key to toggle the settings menu F9
videogame_asset The Forest label Other
  • Version 1.1.0 (1.11b) 01. Aug 2022
    11.21 kB
  • Version 1.0.0 (1.11b) 31. Jul 2022
    2.73 kB


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