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This is an attempt to make the reactions of the cannibals dependent on player actions.
You start with aggression 2 for new factions, every kill increases the aggression by 5 and every day the aggression is lowered by 1.

- You get a unique aggression for all skinny, skinned, pale, painted and regular.
- Creepy(monster) have no AI whatsoever and always attack.
- Cave cannibals are not affected.
- Killing one of them will increase the aggression for that faction.
- Not having a weapon equipped in their presence helps to keep them calm.
- Aggression is lowered each day by 1.
- AttackChance is now based on aggression (the normal/hard mode multipliers are still applied).
- RunAwayChance is now based on aggression.
- Disengage is now based on aggression.
- Screaming is now based on aggression.
- Depending on distance, AI and aggression certain behaviour is triggered.
- Tables are saved if you regular exit the game or go to the main menu.
- The tables are stored as xml file in: \Mods\NoAutoAggression\

If you want to start in a new game. Please close the game first if you played in another save-slot before.

Changes: - Tweaks to updating the FSM variables. - Added the RunAwayChance to be the opposite of AttackChance with min 0. - Added FSM events to back off if none aggressive enemies get closer than 30f. - Kills to increase aggression and they start with aggression 1. - Trap-kills increase aggression. - Trap-kills aggression increase is not triggered by accidents. Changed start-aggression to 2. - Some tweaks to calculations. - Major change to the code and fixed all them bugs.

Freakish Events Test :)

File NoAutoAggression-
Compatible 0.68b

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  • Version (0.68b) 09. Oct 2017
    7.91 kB


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