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Difficult Scaling

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From version 2.0+ also affects enemies in caves

  • Version 2.0 scales expodentially - the real deal
  • Version 2.3 scales linearly - for casual play
  • Verson is absolutely bananas - test if you are The Forest's god. Requires a lot of knowledge about the game and also skill. If you haven't used the mod yet do NOT pick this version

Among the stats that increase are:
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Spawn rate (has a cap, doesn't increase infinitely)
  • Speed of fireman's projectiles
  • Chance to knock down
  • Detection radius
  • Chance to attack and to followup with a attack

Works with singleplayer and multiplayer only when the host has the mod installed.
If the host has the mod installed it will work for every player, even without installing it

Known bug:
Using this + harder more enemies with Map causes the game to randomly close

Leave your feedback on possible adjustments.
Also check out my other mod "Player Upgrade Points"
File DifficultScaling-2.3-68dd025c4c7480dd6acecfe74052cf71.mod
Compatible 1.08.VR3
Version 2.3

videogame_asset The Forest label Enemies
  • Version 2.3 (1.08.VR3) 25. Jul 2018
    3.29 kB
  • Version 2.0 (1.08.VR3) 12. Jul 2018
    3.39 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 29. Jul 2018
    3.6 kB


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