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Destroyer Of Worlds

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This mod is disabled in MP.

Hold and release the key on the object you want to remove.
Click on the button to remove it. The buttons have a hierarchy (parent > child > child > child). Removing any parent removes all objects in this hierarchy!

  • parent1
    • child1
      • child_child1
      • (child_child2)
    • (child2)
Removing parent1 will remove child1, child2, child_child1 and child_child2

Most game placed objects will not be saved and will load again.
It is adviced to save before removing anything, since you could remove the terrain by mistake.
File DestroyerOfWorlds-1.0-60fc408130f9ac53efe956a84df98875.mod
Compatible 1.06b
Version 1.0

Name Description Button
RemoveKey hold and point to remove F9
videogame_asset The Forest label Worldchanges
  • Version 1.0 (1.06b) 17. May 2018
    4.01 kB


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4 Start the game

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