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Bigger Backpack

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First time setup
  1. Start game (singleplayer)
  2. Go to ..\SteamApps\common\The Forest\Mods
  3. Edit BiggerBackpack.settings with Notepad (or text editor of your choice)
  4. Change amount of the items you want, Save
  5. Restart game

What numbers can i input?
-1: player cannot put the item in his inventory
0: Infinite amount
1-1000: default amount
File BiggerBackpack-1.0-8b68939645aaffec3d3cdcbc9c5050aa.mod
Compatible 1.07
Version 1.0

videogame_asset The Forest label Items
  • Version 1.0 (1.07) 02. Apr 2022
    3.28 kB


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Extract the .zip file to
C:/Program Files (x86)/
Or choose another location. Do not extract it inside the Steam game folder.

2 Start ModAPI.exe

3 Enable mods

4 Start the game

You can launch your game regularly through Steam without ModAPI after the first launch.