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The pure intention of this mod is to destroy servers in multiplayer and take the fun from others. While you can also be the good cheater and finish buildings even in multiplayer with just one click, you can be the total opposite and destroy every building on the server with the ease of a simple key press (F7 by default). This mod also totally replaces CheatMenu, which means it has all of it's features plus a whole lot more.

Please be highly advised that we do NOT suggest using this mod on productive/public servers with the intent to harm. Play smart, play fair!

Source code can be found at my GitHub right here:
File GriefClientPro-0.65.2-76bf3bb77bbc8e3b6ddb239d0aa7dbbe.mod
Compatible 0.65b
Version 0.65.2

Name Description Button
Sphere Action Executes action(s) defined in the settings X
Open Menu Opens the grief client menu F1
Instant Build Press this key to instant build a blueprint F
Freeze Time Freezes the time F2
Free Cam Makes the cam fly free F3
Destroy Everything Destroys every single building on the server, including blueprints F7
Aura Executes actions around your camera permanently H
Destroy Trees Destroys all trees on the server F8
videogame_asset The Forest label Cheats
  • Version 0.65.2 (0.65b) 22. Aug 2017
    45.08 kB
  • Version 0.64.1 (Manual) 14. Aug 2017
    45.69 kB


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