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Builder Menu

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This mod requires BuilderCore

how to use:
Open the menu (default key is O)
Select a item you want to place from the list. If you dont have any, do nothing.
Press the image to place the blueprint
You can press E to place items from your inventory onto the blueprint.
You can also press G while looking at the blueprint to enter edit mode.
Inside edit mode you will have gizmos that you can click to select.
Use E and R keys to move them or T to change edit modes between position rotation and scale
While inside positon edit mode you can drag gizmos to move them around or click on the ground with left mouse button to make them move towards that position.
While the object is moving you can press right mouse button to cancel the movement.
Press right mouse button again to exit edit mode.
To delete a blueprint hold C

The progress saves when you open the save slot option. Save twice if changing the save slot or making a new game.

To add a item to the menu, you have to do the following.
- Add a building to BuilderCore.
- Create a new ListItem object and fill all the variables
  • PrefabID - a integer, must be the same as BuilderCore's building ID
  • Category - a string, what should be the blueprint under. There can be multipe blueprints under one category
  • Name - a string, Blueprint name, displayed on the list and other UI elements
  • Author name - a string, to know who made the mod if there are multipe mods adding items to the game
  • Description - a string, some additional information about the blueprint
  • ModName - a string, to know what mod added the blueprint
  • Image - a texture, Displays the schematic. Would be nice to look like a blueprint schematic with transparent background
  • Ingredients- Dictionary. - first integer is the item id, the second is amount
    eg. a object with recipe for 1 log and 5 rocks would look like this - new Dictionary(){ {78,1}, {53,5} };

Example mod: Stair mod
If you enjoy my work and you are willing to donate - My paypal
File BuilderMenu-1.1.1-a0dca207e630b2ffa2651a6da4e70b72.mod
Compatible 1.09
Version 1.1.1

Name Description Button
Menu A key to open and close the menu O
Toggle Toggle between editmodes - scale, position, rotation T
Increase Increase the value of selected transform R
Decrease Decrease the value of selected transform E
Place item Places item from your inventory onto a blueprint E
Edit Select a blueprint to edit it, holding shift while selecting a building will duplicate it G
Delete Hold to delete blueprint while outside edit mode C
videogame_asset The Forest label Buildings
  • Version 1.1.1 (1.09) 01. Sep 2018
    1045.19 kB
  • Version 1.1 (1.09) 01. Sep 2018
    1045.13 kB
  • Version 1.0 (1.09) 27. Aug 2018
    1044.86 kB


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