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Custom Building Blocks

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Currently automatic downloading is disabled
Because of that you need to download those files(142MB) by hand and place them at
Steam\steamapps\common\The Forest\Mods\Hazard's Mods\Custom Building Blocks
I know, it might be difficult, some of you might even fail.
Luckily, for those who fail to place those files there is no hope.

Might be buggy

If your pc explodes, it's not a bug - it's a feature... . You're welcome.


You can keep reading the description while the mod is downloading.

So, in order for this mod to work, you need
Builder Core - minimum version 1.5.5
Builder Menu - minimum version 1.1

If you experience a bug where every material is strangely dark, its caused by SSAO. To fix it disable SSAO

Im going to leave my paypal here as well, as donations greatly help me
Huge thank you to FateDeath. I have to thank you here because i couldn't find you elsewhere. You're the best
File CustomBuildingBlocks-0.1-d73e7e648fbe30e55defad803037112e.mod
Compatible 1.09
Version 0.1

videogame_asset The Forest label Buildings
  • Version 0.1 (1.09) 01. Sep 2018
    12.22 kB


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Extract the .zip file to
C:/Program Files (x86)/
Or choose another location. Do not extract it inside the Steam game folder.

2 Start ModAPI.exe

3 Enable mods

4 Start the game

You can launch your game regularly through Steam without ModAPI after the first launch.