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Player Upgrade Points

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Mod discontinued!
Thank you for using my first mod for such a long time.
It was fun while it lasted, but its about time i stop updating this mod.
But not to worry, instead i created this
Since creating pup, i progressed a lot, and gained knowledge that allowed me to take modding to a next level.
Love you all.
- Hazard

Since creating COTF I've revisited this mod once more and fixed multiplayer experience due to many requests

Player upgrade points is a huge mod, that completely changes the way you will play the game.
Mod file is bigger than others (6MB) because it has a lot of images.
Most of the images i made myself.

Huge thank you to laxmantim for a donation
If you enjoy my work and you are willing to donate -

Mod contains a short tutorial on a start of every new game to introduce the player to the mod and briefly explain it.

Player can gain experience required to level up by:
  • Destroying effigies. Breaking one will grand a random amount of experience to every player.
    The least experience you can get from doing it is 5 and the max is 30.
  • Killing enemies. Different enemies grant different amounts of experience. The stronger they are, the more exp they will give.

Gained experience can be increased. One way to do it is to quickly kill enemies, one after another. This will add a massacre bonus.
When the massacre bonus is active, exp gained from killing enemies will be multiplied.
There are different types of massacre bonuses
  1. Massacre
    Exp from kills is multipied by 2. Granted by quickly killing 3 enemies.
  2. Bloody Massacre
    Exp from kills is multipied by 4. Granted by quickly killing 5 enemies.
  3. Slaughter
    Exp from kills is multipied by 5. Granted by quickly killing 10 enemies.
  4. Rampage
    Exp from kills is multipied by 6. Granted by quickly killing 15 enemies.

The massacre bonuses are gone after not killing anything for 25 seconds.

When the player gains enough experience to level up, his experience is reset and his level increases. With every level exp required to level up also increases. After that excess experience is granted.

Leveling up restores players health, stamina, energy, fullness and thirst by 20% of max.

Upon leveling up. the player recieves a point, that he can spend anytime he wants on one of the following:
  1. Stamina on attack - decreases the amount of stamina used when swinging a weapon. Also affects loosing stamina when throwing spears.
  2. Sprint speed - increases how fast the player can move when sprinting. Scales with athletism. Upgrading this allows for faster gathering for resources, evading attacks that would normaly be hard to dodge (fatman's charge or cannibals' leaps). Still works when pushing a sled.
  3. Sprint stamina usage - default value is 4 stamina points per second when sprinting. With this upgrade you will be able to run for longer periods of time. Does help to gain more points into athletism.
  4. Jump heigh - Pretty self-explanatory. Allows to gain access to some spots. This upgrade is highly situational.
  5. Fall damage reduction - Falling will deal less damage to the player. Good to upgrade it if you are planning to descend into the sinkhole the fast way (the only good way).
  6. Passive health regen - Player gains health per second. This effect is never disabled when you have it upgraded. Works 24/7.
  7. Passive stamina regen - Player gains stamina per second. Works similarly to health regen upgrade. Also just to make it clear: stamina is the inner bar on the hud, the one that is spent on all the actions. With other upgrades it allows for infinite sprint or attacks
  8. Hairspray fuel - increases the amount of hair spray contained in that small can by compressing it with winrar.
  9. Chainsaw fuel - increases the time required to empty the fuel can. The only eco-friendly upgrade this mod provides.
  10. Attack speed - one of the most usefull upgrades. Increases swing speed. Allows for faster attacks which increase damage, allows to permamently stun enemies, allows to chop trees faster. Good strategy is to upgrade attacks speed and upgrade your weapon with teeth and glass only.
  11. Weapon damage - increases the damage of melee weapons. Multiplies with other upgrades(teeth,glass, specials).
  12. Projectile damage - incrases the damage of arrows(the better the arrow the more damage), bullets, spears.
  13. Diving speed and oxygen usage - increases how fast you move in water and decreases how much oxygen you use underwater.
    Allows to swim though some underwater passages without rebreather.
  14. Damage reduction - makes the player more tanky by decreasing the damage that cannibals and animals(excluding sharks) deal to him
  15. Block damage percentage and stamina used to block - Yeah, all it does is upgrades those.

When player reaches level 10, a completely new menu will be avaible. From this point every 5 levels he will gain a special point that he can spend on one of 104 special upgrades. Those upgrades are very powerful. There 5 are differently themed upgrade trees.

Some info about MULTIPLAYER
After update 1.10 of the game, it no longer works ;(
It's due to the addition of grief protection. If you check the patch notes, you might notice that they *patched* players instantly dealing damage to other players enought to kill them. Well, it interferes with the way pup used to share experience
Hosts still gain experience, and clinets get nothing.

  1. Quests,
  2. Balance things

  1. Spear special upgrade is now working
  2. 'Bones' special upgrade now also affects bone armor and upgraded spears
  3. Sprint energy usage per upgrade buffed (4% -> 5%)
  4. Swing energy usage buff (3% -> 5%)
  5. Block buff (3% -> 4%)
  6. Diving buff (8% -> 10%)
  7. Arrow dmg buff (3% -> 5%)
  8. Melee dmg buff (2.5% -> 4%)
  9. Sprint speed buff (3% -> 4%)
  10. Hunter tree's final upgrade is now changed to "Mulitshot" and its effect is shooting 2 projectiles with every ranged attack
  11. Hunter tree's second upgrade is now changed to "Focus fire"and its effect is increasing projectile damage with every hit to the same enemy, changing a target will reset the buff,
    up to 10 stacks which will increase the damage by whooping 100% (10% per stack), Work in progress
  12. Utility tree's final upgrade (Logs) now works and you are now able to carry 4 logs, yet still only 2 are displayed
  13. Refund points will now be displayed, still no way to gain them tho
  1. Block stamina and block amount no longer alters weapons' normal properties
  2. Free refunds - untill quests are complete, after level 10 under specials tab there will be a button to get all ugprades reset.
    All the points are returned and can be spend again. Works for special upgrades too.
  3. You can no longer (thankfully) instantly dump your points into one upgrade if you have more than one avaible, Now it will require one mouse click per upgrade :)
  4. Focus fire now works
  5. Removed logs upgrade as it was breaking the game and wouldn't let the player pick up logs at all
  6. Arrow damage working yet again (for some reason i disabled it and forgot to enable it again)
  1. Added tutorial on start of a new game.
  2. You can now save and load your progress even at day 0
  3. Message is displayed to remind to pick a save slot
  4. Different fonts
  5. Fixes to sprint speed and changed description of generate cloth upgrade(was saying 5 but was generating 10)
  1. Stamina on hit fixed
  2. Added flying dragon upgrade
  3. Added flashlight upgrade
  4. Added AoE headshots upgrade (needs testing)
  5. Fonts no longer look messed up for other of my mods
  6. Fixed saving progress for clinets, sadly couldnt make exp sharing work in mp :(
  1. Fixed saving
  2. Fixed loading of new upgrades
  3. Stealth bonus dmg requirement from 10% to 50%
  4. If you can deal bonus dmg with stealth, the eye icon will turn red
  5. Stealth now affects projectiles
  6. AoE headshots should work now, don't look at the description, it's a bait
  7. Generate berries no longer generates a keycard (honestly how are bugs like these even made?)
  8. Autopickup picks up more items (bones,sodas,plants other than marigold and more)

  1. Added pretty interface
  2. Fixed massacre bonuses
  3. Icons for some statuses and cooldowns
  4. More specials to make melee great again
  5. Uhh.. i forgot the rest :D

  1. Support for more resolutions,
  2. delayed loading to hopefully fix a critical bug
  3. visual changes
  4. changed builder upgrade
  5. preview of quests(I cant finish yet because tablet broke. Luckily i ordered a new one today (: )

  1. Balance changes:
  2. Second chance cooldown reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour
  3. Dash cooldown reduced from 20 to 10 seconds
  4. Brawler range increased from 12 to 18 meters, damage bonus increased from 15% per enemy to 20%
  5. Armor upgrade damage reduction reduced from 65% to 50%
  6. Overpower IV bonus damage reduced from 2000% to 1500%
  7. Projectile speed reduced from +200% to +150%
  8. Crit upgrades slightly renamed
  9. Crit damage upgrade increased from 350% to 550%
  10. Crit affects ranged weapons
  11. Some inventory upgrades got better (spears, bones, biggest backpack)
  12. Generate cloth from 10 to 25 a day
  13. Generate bullets amount increased to 10, arrows to 5
  14. Momentum buff from x2 velocity to x4

  15. Inventory, again
  16. Label that reminds to save

Leave suggestions on what to change/add
Any feedback would greatly improve the speed of developement of this mod

And leave a like pls
File PlayerUpgradePoints-2.9.1-d494e94ffdd1b2ee054fb80b85f63776.mod
Compatible 1.11b
Version 2.9.1

Name Description Button
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videogame_asset The Forest label Other
  • Version 2.9.1 (1.11b) 06. Nov 2020
    6381.07 kB
  • Version 2.8 (1.11b) 01. Jun 2020
    6381.88 kB
  • Version (1.09) 18. Aug 2018
    6379.81 kB
  • Version 2.7.3 (1.09) 17. Aug 2018
    6339.34 kB
  • Version 2.7.2 (1.08.VR3) 10. Aug 2018
    6334.51 kB
  • Version 2.7.1 (1.08.VR3) 09. Aug 2018
    6334.51 kB
  • Version 2.7.0 (1.08.VR3) 08. Aug 2018
    6334.52 kB
  • Version 2.6.7 (1.08.VR3) 04. Aug 2018
    6334.26 kB
  • Version 2.6.5 (1.08.VR3) 25. Jul 2018
    6329.64 kB
  • Version 2.6.4 (1.08.VR3) 25. Jul 2018
    6329.66 kB
  • Version 2.6.3 (1.08.VR3) 23. Jul 2018
    6328.43 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 17. Jul 2018
    4806.36 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 12. Jul 2018
    1185.49 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 07. Jul 2018
    1178.82 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 04. Jul 2018
    1178.61 kB
  • Version (1.08.VR3) 24. Jun 2018
    1174.62 kB


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