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Longer Days and Nights VR

This mod will double the length of both the days and nights in the game.

label Worldchanges
AllesKutEnter 19. Jan 2022 file_download Downloads 4,082 favorite Likes 2

Light Arrows VR

Lighter + Fire Arrows working in VR

label Balancing
Avatar 04. May 2022 file_download Downloads 2,307 favorite Likes 0

Sleep Anytime VR

No need to wait for some well-earned rest.

label Balancing
Avatar 19. Apr 2022 file_download Downloads 2,247 favorite Likes 0

Rebreather Vision VR

Now your vision reflects that you're actually wearing a diving mask.

label Graphical changes
Avatar 01. May 2022 file_download Downloads 2,140 favorite Likes 0

Retrievable Bone Arrows VR

Bone arrows don't magically turn into normal arrows anymore.

label Balancing
Avatar 18. May 2022 file_download Downloads 2,138 favorite Likes 0

Armor Nibble Recolor VR

Better recognizable armor colors on your survival clock.

label Graphical changes
Avatar 17. May 2022 file_download Downloads 1,945 favorite Likes 0

Toggle Overlay Icons VR

Lets you toggle the visibility of all overlay icons ingame via an action key.

label Graphical changes
Avatar 17. May 2022 file_download Downloads 1,839 favorite Likes 0


uploading the machine gun mod to vr

label Cheats
Hiise 24. Jan 2023 file_download Downloads 986 favorite Likes 0


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