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[DS] Command Console 9,594 info_outline
Adds a Command Console to Dedicated Server
[DS] Players List 9,222 info_outline
Players List for Dedicated Servers - Also adds Kick/Ban
[DS] Ban List 8,583 info_outline
Ban List for Dedicated Servers - Also adds Unban
[DS] Log Viewer 8,331 info_outline
Internal Log Viewer for Dedicated Server.
[DS] Window Adjustment 7,779 info_outline
Allows you to adjust the size of the window for Dedicated Server
[DS] WhiteList 5,877 info_outline
WhiteList file for Dedicated Server
[DS] Champions of The Forest 4,096 info_outline
Champions of the forest for dedicated server - uses a config file and doesnt use visual effects.
[DS] Live Web Map ( Extern Webserver ) 884 info_outline
Allows you to see through the browser who hides where.
[DS] Auto Restart/Shutdown 701 info_outline
Allow to restart/shutdown the server automatic to configurated times.
[DS] Discord Webhook Info 655 info_outline
Inform everyone on discord on player join/left the server. Send Chat in discord ( only send from server to discord, not discord to server )
[DS] Kill instead of despawn 651 info_outline
Only works with deactivated Enemies on day. Enemies will be die and not despawn on day start.
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