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Debug mode 21,452 info_outline
Enables the debug mode and lets you use all the cheat codes
Quick Launch 14,005 info_outline
Starts the game without showing the logos and therefore starts 15 seconds faster
Freecam 8,751 info_outline
Lets you fly right up in the sky
More Carryweight 2,691 info_outline
Increases your carryweight from 50 to 300. ----- You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
Longer Campfires 2,356 info_outline
Increases the burningduration of campfires drasticly You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
No Item Durability / Spoil 2,158 info_outline
Remove the durability and spoil feature of the game. ----- You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
cheat 1,038 info_outline
cheat debug
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