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Debug mode 141,516 info_outline
Enables the debug mode and lets you use all the cheat codes
More Carryweight 95,341 info_outline
Increases your carryweight from 50 to 300.
Quick Launch 93,826 info_outline
Starts the game without showing the logos and therefore starts 15 seconds faster
No Item Durability / Spoil 63,135 info_outline
Remove the durability and spoil feature of the game. ----- You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
Freecam 58,194 info_outline
Lets you fly right up in the sky
Build Everywhere 77,094 info_outline
Allows you to place structures anywhere youd like. As well as removing the build height limit.
Always Show Names 54,566 info_outline
Names of players in coop no longer fade out after a distance. This allows you to see where your friends are, no matter how far away.
10 Slot Coop 52,634 info_outline
Expands your coop server from 4 to 10 slots.
SteadyAim 47,313 info_outline
Removes sway while aiming with the bow.
Custom Map 46,347 info_outline
Shows a custom map with your current position. No need for you to have a custom map open on a second screen anymore.
NoDrop 44,978 info_outline
Don't drop your stuff when you die
ModConstructions 42,160 info_outline
ModConstructions is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to unlock all construction blueprints. It also gives the player the possibility to instantly finish any ongoing constructions, destroy objects and to build anywhere.
Save Anywhere 40,296 info_outline
Adds a new button the the pause menu which allows you to save instantly.
ModTools 39,982 info_outline
ModTools is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to unlock all tool- armor- weapon- and trap blueprints.
ModCrafting 39,790 info_outline
ModCrafting is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to craft any game item without the needed materials and to destroy any item at mouse target or any items that were crafted using the mod.
ModShelter 38,227 info_outline
ModShelter is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to unlock all shelters and beds. It also gives the player the possibility to instantly finish any ongoing building.
Longer Campfires [Outdated] 36,535 info_outline
Increases the burningduration of campfires drasticly You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
ModManager 33,992 info_outline
Many thanks and kudos to community member Moritz. This mod is based on his hard work for the mod DebugMode. ModManager is a mod for Green Hell, which aims to be a tool for players who would like to be able to use ModAPI mods in multiplayer
ModTeleporter 33,165 info_outline
ModTeleporter is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to teleport to custom-bound or key map locations in sequence or on selection and to navigate using the mod Custom Map extended with markers for all teleport locations
ModHunter 32,935 info_outline
ModHunter is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to unlock all blueprints for weapons, armor and traps and to spawn in tribal weapons. Press P (default) or the key configurable in ModAPI to open the main mod screen.
ModMiner 32,355 info_outline
ModMiner is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to spawn charcoal, stones, obsidian, iron and gold sacks. The ores will be added to the player inventory.
ModFarmer 31,522 info_outline
ModFarmer is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to get farming materials (seeds, flowers, nuts, mushrooms and droppings) and some special items. The weather can also be changed to raining or dry weather.
SoloRespawn 30,720 info_outline
Respawn instead of reloading when you die in single player
ModTime 28,005 info_outline
ModTime is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to custom set in-game day and night cycle time scales, fast-forward daytime and to change some weather options.
ModQuickEquip 27,804 info_outline
ModQuickEquip is a mod for Green Hell that adds a quick equip slot for the 5th weapon - slot for a blade or knife - attached to the related backpack pocket.
AnthillKill 27,223 info_outline
Wage war on the anthills
ModAI 26,546 info_outline
ModAI is a mod for Green Hell that enables a player to use cheats, customize some AI behaviour and spawn in tribals in waves and other creatures.
Toggle HUD 25,302 info_outline
Toggles the HUD and allows for nicer screenshots. The key to toggle the HUD is: F11
Fall Distance Improved 24,269 info_outline
Fall further before taking damge
CommunityTools 23,501 info_outline
CommunityTools is a mod for Green Hell that aims to be a tool for the gamer community. A player can contact Creepy Jar by mail, go to the Steam Guide, Steam Forum or create bug reports.
Quick Crafting 23,039 info_outline
In inventory, click the configurable key (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) to quickly send the hovered item to the crafting table (instead of having to drag&drop it manually).
No Heartbeat 22,076 info_outline
No heartbeat sound when at low health
ModAchievements 21,802 info_outline
ModAchievements is a mod for Green Hell that allows a player to manage game achievements.
Teleport To Player 20,774 info_outline
Type "/tp player_name" to chat (without quotes).
ModHUD 20,568 info_outline
ModHUD is a mod for Green Hell that adds a player HUD which displays player stats and compass.
Highlight Vicinity Items 20,189 info_outline
Highlighting all interactable items within player's vicinity when the configurable key (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) is pressed.
More Graphics Settings 20,068 info_outline
Shows additional graphics settings when the configurable key (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) is held for a short while during gameplay. Some of these settings can boost FPS significantly on potato PCs.
Always Visible Item Infos 18,625 info_outline
Consumable effects and item durations are shown for highlighted items even if inventory isn't open.
Quick Eating 17,289 info_outline
Quickly eat foods on the ground or on a tree by holding the ACTION key. You can also quickly eat foods in the inventory by hovering the cursor over them and then pressing the ACTION key.
Quick Fade 14,939 info_outline
Sets maximum length of common fade screens to 0.1 seconds.
Stuck Save Fixer 14,567 info_outline
When save game operation is stuck, the configurable hotkey (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) can be pressed to unstuck it.
Gulliver Mod 14,149 info_outline
Change the size of entities (including yourself) in the world. Press the configurable key (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) for a short while to access the scale options.
Runtime Inspector 13,854 info_outline
Shows runtime inspector & hierarchy panels when the configurable key (see mod's Settings in ModAPI) is held for a short while to debug the game.
Replant 13,833 info_outline
When a plant is chopped down (as opposed to plowing), it reverts to the ungrown state, rather than an empty plot. So for example, when growing wood, you only need a single brazil tree seed, it will regrow after you cut it. Permissions: MIT license
Quiver 13,205 info_outline
Shows your arrow count at the top (or bottom) of your screen and notifications when your arrow count changes.
Carrying Weight HUD 13,139 info_outline
Show how much weight you're carrying at all times!
Scaling Carry Weight 12,141 info_outline
Your maximum carry weight will change based on how well you are taking care of your macronutrients. From -10kg up to +30kg.
Building Tweaks 6,354 info_outline
Allows you to instantly build new blueprints, finish the ones that are already placed, and build everywhere.
SteadyAim v2 5,145 info_outline
Allows the player to tweak aim settings precisely. It is an enhanced version of the old SteadyAim mod from Werkrat.
Animal Husbandry 4,395 info_outline
Animal Husbandry mod allows you to tweak animal husbandry settings. It also provides a feature to save and/or load customized settings.
Automatic Saves 4,295 info_outline
Automatic Saves is a mod for Green Hell that will automatically save game every 10 minutes (with configurable frequency and on/off toggle).
Permanent Compass 3,778 info_outline
Show a permanent compass on tof of the screen.
Infinite Burning 3,714 info_outline
Infinite burning duration of Campfires and Torches
Permanent Stats 3,189 info_outline
Statistics always visible on the screen.
Minimap mod 1,577 info_outline
A minimap mod for Green Hell, with many features!
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