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Debug mode 44,866 info_outline
Enables the debug mode and lets you use all the cheat codes
Quick Launch 28,104 info_outline
Starts the game without showing the logos and therefore starts 15 seconds faster
Freecam 17,647 info_outline
Lets you fly right up in the sky
More Carryweight 14,455 info_outline
Increases your carryweight from 50 to 300.
Longer Campfires [Outdated] 10,494 info_outline
Increases the burningduration of campfires drasticly You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
No Item Durability / Spoil 9,955 info_outline
Remove the durability and spoil feature of the game. ----- You enjoy my work? A donation would be great! -
10 Slot Coop 7,860 info_outline
Expands your coop server from 4 to 10 slots.
Always Show Names 7,366 info_outline
Names of players in coop no longer fade out after a distance. This allows you to see where your friends are, no matter how far away.
Build Everywhere 6,991 info_outline
Allows you to place structures anywhere youd like. As well as removing the build height limit.
SteadyAim 4,822 info_outline
Removes sway while aiming with the bow.
NoDrop 4,558 info_outline
Don't drop your stuff when you die
SoloRespawn 3,567 info_outline
Respawn instead of reloading when you die in single player
AnthillKill 2,669 info_outline
Wage war on the anthills
ModShelter 2,608 info_outline
A mod for Green Hell that when activated unlocks all shelter types. It also gives the player the possibility to instantly finish any ongoing building. Press Pause to activate the mod. Press F8 to finish all constructions (only in single player mode)
Custom Map 1,649 info_outline
Shows a custom map with your current position. No need for you to have a custom map open on a second screen anymore.
Save Anywhere 1,083 info_outline
Adds a new button the the pause menu which allows you to save instantly.
CommunityTools 924 info_outline
CommunityTools is a mod for Green Hell that aims to be a tool for the gamer community. For now, it helps in creating a bug report in HTML and in JSON format, with an option to create quick reports.
Toggle HUD 860 info_outline
Toggles the HUD and allows for nicer screenshots. The key to toggle the HUD is: F11
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